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Mohan Brotherss LLP

Since its inception in 1977, Mohan Brother has a come a long way in the liquor trade. The Mehra family started the company as a liquor trading company and after splits in the nineties entered wine business too.

Following the family’s legacy and tradition to develop and distribute happiness in the nation with every generation. Mr. Rohit Mehra, The Managing Director of MBPL, a heritage developed in 1905 has taken the company’s name and structure to a bigger canvas. He joined that heritage in 1983 and later commenced his own initiation with MBPL in 1999 and took the distribution industry to heights of sky.

Now, Mr. Suhail Mehra, son of Mr. Rohit Mehra and Mr. Luv Kumar Jain is heading all the operations of the company and paving the way to new heights with his directorial abilities.

Befriending wine in India: on & off-trade

Celebrate life, celebrate with wine…

When it comes to wines, India is still taking the baby steps and experimenting to cultivate a taste for it. In sync with this fact, MBPL is taking every possible step to make it familiar among the consumers as well as the trade. Be it wine pairing dinners or lunches or soft launches of products, we leave no stone unturned in making the effort, of course with the help of all our principals and their support.